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Color Camera Block

Camera control software

The software package is intended only to be used for confirming the operation of the compatible camera product. It is not designed for any other purpose. No support is available for any other use such as customization of control software, or disclosure of source code, etc.
Sony Corporation not provide any guarantee for use of the control software. Sony Corporation does not assume any responsibility for defects to the hardware or software, loss of data, or any other damage incurred by customers who use the control software.

In order to download and use the software, users must agree to the points described above. Only one software copy for each related product is permitted.

* Memo for use
The software package can be used to set the PC-com port number and baud rate.
First, please connect the camera and then with the power turned on, set the PC-com port number and the baud rate to be used.

ZIPFCB-4K models / ZIP:258KB [Oct. 2018 released]

Software version: V6100
This is the latest software version for the FCB-4K models.
If you are using an older version of the software, before installing the latest version please uninstall the older version first.

ZIPFCB-9500 series / ZIP:154KB [Aug. 2021 released] NEW

Software version: V5200
This is the software for the FCB-9500 series. (FCB-EW9500H,FCB-EV9500M, FCB-EV9500L)
If you are using all the FCB models (except FCB-4K models and FCB-9500 series) or FCB-4K models software, uninstall it first, and then install the FCB-9500 series software.

ZIPAll FCB models(except FCB-4K models and FCB-9500 series) / ZIP:162KB [Feb. 2019 released]

Software version: V5102
Compatible with all FCB models except FCB-4K models and FCB-9500 series.
In order to use install the latest version it is recommended that you uninstall all older versions of this software first.

Production of FCB-EV7520A is scheduled to be discontinued in 2022.*

*Please be noticed that this means the discontinuation for Asian area.
For other areas, please contact Sony sales companies in your area.